Welcome to Digitainment Georgia! Digitainment Georgia is the Southeast’s premier digital entertainment trade organization whose mission is to foster economic development, attract and retain local talent, while building and strengthening synergies related to the Gaming, Film, Music, Broadcast Production and Digital Content Creation industries. Digitainment Georgia’s goal is to establish Georgia and the Southeast as a leading center for digital entertainment and technology by putting together all the components of technology in a collaborative effort to connect YOU to the digital entertainment industry.

Over the next two years, Digitainment Georgia will do more than build upon this existing foundation. It will serve as a catalyst for innovation and growth by bringing various players together to establish an industry identity. The entertainment industry in Georgia is a multibillion dollar business. It consists of a thriving music, gaming, film, broadcast and digital marketing industry that is supported by Georgia’s vibrant telecommunications industry. Through strategic development and by facilitating interaction, Digitainment Georgia will seek to bring about the fusion of these verticals. Outside of companies like Turner, Crawford Communications and Cox, the industry consists of smaller independent labels, studios(datacenters), individual artists and companies. Individually they are small companies but together, these verticals can have a voice and be an economy changing influence on Georgia. Digitainment Georgia will help to accomplish this by:

  • Hastening the convergence of a thriving Digitainment community in Georgia
  • Implement an ongoing integrated branding and promotions campaign to increase awareness of Georgia as a magnet for talent and jobs and to advocate for industry expansion
  • Promote digital content creation, distribution and consumption
  • Stimulate economic growth and development

Be a part of this magnificent and historical movement. Won’t you come join us?

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